AdVital – Scrambled Eggs
AdVital Scrambled Eggs Recipe
AdVital Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Scrambled Eggs


January 17, 2017

These fluffy Scrambled Eggs fortified with AdVital Powder are high in protein, energy dense, and provides a good source of Vitamin A & D and Calcium.

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 5 mins
  • Yields: 4 serves


4 x large eggs

½ cup (125mL) full cream milk

1 x AdVital Powder scoop

Salt and pepper, to taste

Garnish: Finely chopped parsley


Stove Top

1Mix milk, AdVital Powder, salt and pepper until smooth.

2Whisk eggs. Add AdVital Powder milk mixture and mix for 30 seconds.

3Cook egg mixture over medium heat until cooked through.

4Remove from heat and serve on a plate with toast and garnish if desired.


1Whisk eggs, milk, AdVital Powder, salt and pepper until smooth in a microwave container. Cover and place in microwave.

2Follow microwave instructions for sensor cook or microwave for 1 minute. Remove, stir and continue until cooked through. Do not overcook.

3Serve on a plate with toast and garnish if desired.

Recipe Notes

Hints & Tips

  • To add some zing, add finely chopped spring onions, chives or chilli to egg mixture.
  • For richer eggs, replace milk with cream or sprinkle with feta or tasty cheese when serving.
  • We love Tabasco sauce with ours!

Low FODMAP Diet Tips

  • Replace full cream milk with lactose free milk.

*Based on a 1000W microwave oven.
Microwave method contribution: Sue – Nursing Home, Yeppoon

For full nutrition information for this recipe, please refer to the AdVital Recipe Book in the AdVital Media Library.


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size185 g
Energy1479 kJ
Sodium292 mg
Potassium312 mg
Protein29.8 g
Sugar6.8 g
Total Fat16.1 g
Saturated Fat7.7 g
Total Carbohydrates22.3 g

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