AdVital For Adults

Supplementing your diet with AdVital is a convenient way to ensure your body is getting all the nutrition it requires to both sustain good health as you age and to provide enough energy to get you through a busy lifestyle. Fortified with energy and protein, AdVital provides nutritional support for those who are often on the go, may be recovering from an illness or medical procedure and those that may be undernourished due to an unbalanced diet.

AdVital has been specially formulated by an expert team of scientists and dietitians with an innovative one scoop per serve (35g) formula to enhance your nutritional intake when you may not be getting all the nutrition you need from food. Easy to prepare, AdVital dissolves quickly into a wide variety of sweet, savoury, hot and cold foods and drinks without altering the taste or aroma.

  • High in Protein to assist in dietary management of muscle building and maintenance

  • 15g protein per serve to help retain lean muscle mass

  • 14.8g carbohydrates per serve

  • No added sugar, colours, flavours, or preservatives

Information provided is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge but is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. Suitable as a sole source of nutrition. Food for special medical purposes. AdVital is fortified with protein, energy and 27 vitamins and minerals to assist people with weight management. AdVital contains added protein for maintaining and building muscle mass. AdVital is high in vitamin D to assist in the dietary management of normal growth and development in Children. Use under medical supervision. Not for parenteral use. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age unless under medical supervision. For oral consumption only.