“I’ve been recovering from cancer now for nearly 10 yrs with half a throat, mouth and tongue cancer plus a triple stroke 18mths ago.

Flavour Creations gave me food back! With a diet and aids to help me attain eating and living, AdVital has kept me healthy.

Their shape it moulds and supplements for cooking to use with food flavours I like is making food excitable again & something not to choke on! – But enjoy!

Go Flavor Creations and your team. Food and living are enjoyable again. Thanks to your products, my health improving consistently, my life improving consistently and I’m now exercising again to bring my energy levels up due to your products!

Choking and asperating has been a nightmare food was distasteful and something I hated, your company has given me food again my life again from your products I can never thank you enough or buy words describe how thankful I am to AdVital, Shape It, Food Moulds and Water thicker.

I am now planning to return to work after 10 hard years due to better food quality, diet and being able to swallow safely. Plus my weight is once again stable! Not having that consistent fear of being underweight a pure joy! Thank you for giving me my pride, my life and food enjoyment back. So, thank you to the Flavour Creations Team!

Your staff is so supportive over the phone in reception as well as I’m consistently forgetting things since the stroke. They’ve been patient with me every time I phone, treating me with respect and patience with my speech problems and forgetfulness helping with my queries.

Another important reason I keep coming back is due to them so I mustn’t forget to thank them too as they are flat out answering calls. So, thank you to your telephone reception staff, they always find my information for me and the phone number I need!

You’ve All Given Me My Life Back.”

Caret Ann Nuss., Wangaratta Victoria 

“I’m suffering from malnutrition after 12 months of cancer treatment and have tried many supplements without success, with them being too sweet or tasting too weird. My hospital nutritionist introduced me to neutral AdVital, which I immediately liked and was pleased to see was an Australian made and owned product for a change. I churn through the powder. It is far superior to the alternatives.”

Michael R., Surry Hills NSW

“Since introducing AdVital, we’ve seen compliance increase at Juniper St Andrews. The great thing is that it’s tasteless. We add 1 scoop to a resident’s porridge or soup and we’re giving them a nutritionally complete meal without them knowing it. We’re happy that residents are now being supplemented as they should be… through real food.”

Jilian Patrick, Juniper St Andrews WA

“One of my older clients who had been experiencing loss of appetite & unintentional weight loss post hospital due to pneumonia is feeling much better after only 2 days of adding the supplement AdVital to his drinks and meals.”

Raquel Baptista, Ctr Bayside Community Health Services VIC

“We use AdVital as a nutritional supplement for six of our residents with dysphagia. It’s a versatile product that can be thickened and flavour-enhanced.”

Jennifer Hewitt, Clinical Manager, Gold Coast QLD

“Feedback [regarding AdVital] has been 100% positive to date. Staff are reporting that the residents are now drinking the complete drink offered, almost nil wastage, and reduction in prep time. Great result.”

Debra Phillips, Quality Manager/Hotel Services Coordinator, Toowoomba QLD

“OMG… mum at 90 years of age is so much brighter and happier [thanks to AdVital]. She has regained energy!”

Celena R., Sunshine Coast QLD