Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-03-30T10:35:04+10:00


Does AdVital Powder contain…

Does AdVital contain dairy protein?2018-11-01T14:33:53+10:00

Yes, AdVital contains milk powder and whey protein Isolate. It’s formulated using a high-quality Whey Protein Isolate, for faster absorption.

I’m looking for a gluten free products, is AdVital suitable?2018-11-01T14:37:13+10:00

Yes, AdVital is gluten-free! All of Flavour Creations products come from a Nut and Gluten Free environment.

Does AdVital contain lactose?2019-02-13T10:50:56+10:00

Yes, AdVital contains lactose (2.7g per serve / 7.7g per 100g). If you have lactose intolerance, we recommend that you consult your dietitian or healthcare professional and have them approve whether this amount is acceptable to consume.

Does AdVital contain caffeine?2017-09-28T13:44:12+10:00

No, AdVital does not contain caffeine.

Does AdVital contain any allergens?2017-09-28T13:46:40+10:00

Yes, AdVital contains milk, lactose and soy.

What vitamins does AdVital contain?2017-09-28T13:35:13+10:00

AdVital contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K1, Biotin and Folate. Click here for full AdVital ingredients & nutritional information.

Is AdVital Powder suitable for…

Is AdVital suitable for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding?2019-02-13T10:50:56+10:00

AdVital is a nutritionally complete supplement specially formulated to improve the daily energy and nutrient intake of those who struggle to meet adequate nutrition. In most cases, consumption of AdVital during pregnancy or breastfeeding is fine, and the additional nutritional intake may be beneficial. However, we recommend that you first consult your dietitian or healthcare professional to determine whether AdVital is suitable for you during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as part of your total dietary intake.

Is AdVital suitable for people with kidney issues?2019-02-13T10:50:56+10:00

Yes, AdVital is lower in sodium, potassium and phosphorus than alternatives, and is suitable for people with kidney issues.

Is AdVital suitable for people with diabetes?2019-02-13T10:50:56+10:00

Yes, AdVital is moderate in carbohydrate with a low GI and GL, and is therefore suitable for people with diabetes.

Why is AdVital not suitable for children under 3 years of age unless under medical supervision?2019-02-13T10:50:56+10:00

The nutritional profile of AdVital was primarily designed to meet the nutritional requirements of adults (which under the FSANZ Food Standards Code refers collectively to everyone over the age of 3 years). There is nothing about AdVital that makes it unsuitable for children 1-3 years old, however the FSANZ Food Standards Code requires a Dietitian to formally assess the child’s nutritional requirements against the energy, protein, and vitamin/mineral content of AdVital, and then make dietary recommendations accordingly.

Is AdVital Kosher and/or Halal certified?2017-09-27T14:56:51+10:00

No, AdVital is not Kosher or Halal certified.

Using AdVital

Can you thicken AdVital?2017-09-28T13:51:41+10:00

Yes. Guides for thickening AdVital with Easythick Rapid and Instant Thick thickening powders are available in the AdVital Media Library.

Can food containing AdVital be frozen?2017-09-27T14:56:19+10:00

There are no issues with freezing food containing AdVital. However, care needs to be taken when reheating meals so as to not effect their texture. Reheating is best achieved using the stove top on a low heat with regular stirring to keep the heat even.

General Questions

What is the shelf life of AdVital?2017-09-27T14:56:34+10:00

The 920g can has an 18-month shelf life, and the 5.5kg pail has a 9-month shelf life.

How much does AdVital cost?2018-04-12T07:23:07+10:00

View AdVital retail prices on the Flavour Creations Online Store. For account customers, login here to see account pricing.

How many serves are in a can/pail of AdVital?2018-11-01T14:40:34+10:00

The 805g can contains 23 serves, and the 4.8kg pail contains 137 serves.

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